For more than two years Mike Smock of the Aerosente Glider Workshop and I have entertained reaching an agreement to join our companies and have been working every day to realize that goal.

This past summer that agreement was finally formalized and now TMRC is no longer registered as a manufacturer in the State of Missouri and all business is now conducted from our Aerosente main office in Island Lake IL.

We still offer the same fine kits and as you already know if you've followed us or can see from clicking in here today, we have changed little except to offer tightened shipping schedules and now what?.... rolled back prices?

We've invested in new tools and most notably, a new Emission Technologies 24" x 48" laser cutter. By manufacturing the CNC laser cut parts in house we've actually been able to hold and reduce the pricing of many of our products to remain competitive and still make our product right here in the good ol U.S.A.!

To learn more about what's up in the Glider Workshop and what new kits and products are coming, where the vintage full size ships can be viewed and photographed or how to take care of your favorite hand plane or whatever and as always, feel free to visit my blog at Aerosente....


More than twenty different classic and vintage sailplanes are now available in our Fine art sailplane prints at $24.95 each

I've always admired the beautiful designs of the 40's and 50's from the likes of Frank Zaic, Earl Stahl and others. The grace and style of many of the vintage SAM qualified gliders that my dad flew with his brothers and his dad capture the imagination.




TMRC has joined together with and under the Aerosente brand now offers the largest selection of vintage and classic CNC laser cut glider and sailplane kits available anywhere!
We still offer the same wide range of plans and kits of SAM qualified towline and chuck gliders as well as our adaptations of classic rubber and nitro power in both partial and full kit format or plans only.

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What's New?

Almost two years ago I announced work on three views for the Baker McMillen Cadet, the Franklin PS-1 Texaco Eaglet and PS-2 Primary/Secondary Glider. All of those are now available as fine art prints and some work has begun to kit one or more of these. At the same time I had completed a detailed and accurate three view of the LT-IV and commenced to work on plans. Now two years later.....

In March of 2011 the Lawrence Tech Sailplane or LT-IV Yankee Doodle originally designed by Jack Laister was finally completed ready to cut and build. Marc Hecquet of France had expressed some interest in this model at 1:3 scale and Mike and I selected him to perform the beta build after reviewing several of his builds and realizing his great passion for crafting vintage wooden sailplanes and excellent technical skills. Its with pleasure that we introduce Mark and welcome you to visit his workshop build log of this historical glider.


And a quarter scale 1-36 being built by Herbert Eberbach announces our second new release in large scale sailplanes this year which you can follow as Herbert builds the 1-36 Sprite from Aerosente.

Sailplane plans and kits offered:


SGP 1-1
SGU 1-7
SGS 2-8 (TG-2/LNS-1)
SGS 2-12 (TG-3A)
SGU 1-19
SGU 1-20
SGS 1-23


SGS 1-26B
SGS 1-26D
SGS 1-26E
SA 1-30
SGS 2-32
SGS 2-33
SGS 1-36 Sprite

Other Scale

Baker-McMillen Cadet II
Hall Cherokee II
Lawrence Tech IV
Fournier RF4-D
Slingsby Cadet Tutor
Piper PA-25 150 Pawnee
Piper PA-36 300 Brave


Thermic C
Thermic 50
Thermic 50-X
Thermic 70
Thermic 72
Sailwing 50


Thermic B
Thermic 18
Thermic 20
Thermic 36


Aeronca Chief 54
Aeronca K 54
PA-12 40
Taylorcraft 54
Fledgling 56
Mini Fledgling 40



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